Joseph starts off today’s episode by letting us know that we will be cycling through the Smoky Mountains’ past as well as literally talking about cycling through the Smoky Mountains. He then introduces guest and renowned historian Wendy Meyers. Wendy talks about her journey to becoming both a historian and regulatory writer in drug development.


Joseph asks Wendy what her favorite stories or work she is proudest of that is on her blog. She dives into some of her favorite work she has gotten the chance to do, including research on victims of murders and discovering the history of specific graves. She then goes into talking about her favorite places to hike in the Smoky Mountains area and gives examples of how they hold historical significance. Wendy also talks about the type of wildlife she generally sees while hiking in this area.


Wendy talks about what makes her favorite hiking spots special to her. Joseph then asks Wendy for recommendations for people who want to visit the area. As far as hikes, she recommends trails where one can see waterfalls, beautiful views, and even some wildlife. She recommends hikes that are short, hikes that are more challenging, and some overnight hikes. Wendy then goes on to talk about what trails she recommends for cycling through the Smoky Mountain area.


Joseph asks Wendy to give some advice to someone if they were to hypothetically only have one day in Bryson City. She recommends a breakfast place, a hike, a lunch place, a mountain farm, dinner, and even a historical place to sleep. Wendy then ends the podcast by giving out some ways to follow her work.