Starting off today’s episode is announcements for special upcoming events announced by Bob. There are all sorts of music events, gatherings, workshops and seminars coming up. In addition to that, there are a ton of mid-eighteenth-century events coming up for people to enjoy. The episode continues with the introduction of today’s guest: Alex McKay. Joseph and Alex talk about his accomplishments and how he came to be. Alex explained how greatly he was influenced by his family and how because of that, he joined the family business and grew to what he is today.


Coming back from the break, Alex talks more about his connection to what he does and how he came to love it. He speaks about his father and grandfather and how they had held on to documents and collections from decades ago and how they sparked his interest even more. The two talk about stories about Alex that came from his time with historic museums and projects to preserve history. Alex talks about his favorite photos and things to find at museums.


Alex explains what it is like working at Shook Smathers House and what it is. He talks about his favorite parts and gives a little history about the house itself. There are many upcoming events in the Heywood County area that Alex recommends people to come to, where they can eat good food and listen to nice music and enjoy each other’s presence. Alex discusses with Joseph future projects that he thought about doing with the museums, especially after Covid-19 and restrictions being lifted.


For the last segment, Joseph and Alex discuss their favorite foods and restaurants in the Heywood and Smoky Mountains area. They both enjoy a wide variety of foods, from barbeque to Chinese to home food. They continue their discussion by talking about where they go for entertainment. They talk about their experiences with these places and the episode ends with Joseph asking Alex for museum spots that the audience could and should visit.