Today’s episode starts off with our host Joseph McElroy announcing tons of exciting upcoming events that our audience can look forward to. From concerts to award programs, talk shows, and campfires, there are a plethora of events that people can enjoy in the Smoky Mountain and North Carolina region. After announcements, Joseph introduces the special guest of the day, Jim Hamilton. Jim talks about his journey to how he became a professor, county director, and so interested in ginseng in the local community.


Coming back from the break, the two talk more about turtles being the state reptile of North Carolina and bring up Jim’s nickname, Jimseng. Jim then talks about where that name came from and all the benefits and other facts about ginseng. He explains how he became interested in the local ginseng and where his passion originates from. They discuss how important ginseng is essential to the economy and go further into the different types of ginseng, their history, and their benefits. Jim tells stories of famous pioneers and explorers who came across ginseng, such as Daniel Boone, and how it served as a food source and for health purposes.


The next segment starts off with a discussion on stereotypes regarding ginseng hunting on television shows. Jim clarifies the negative stereotypes and misunderstandings of people illegally harvesting ginseng and that he works with people to specifically protect the ginseng in the local Smoky Mountains area. Next, Jim talks about where to buy ginseng and what he does with them. He explains how different countries, for example Korea, China, buys ginseng differently than how one might in North Carolina. Joseph then asks Jim about his book, The Last Entry, which is a fictional book that follows a young man in the mountain area.


For the last segment, Jim Hamilton and Joseph talk more about planting and growing ginseng in your own backyard. Jim talks about what he recommends people to do in the Smoky Mountain areas. He recommends taking a morning hike to watch the sunrise and local restaurants with great food for lunch and other fun activities that visitors can do throughout the day.