Tonight’s episode of Gateway to the Smokies starts off with host Joseph McElroy listing off a few notable upcoming events for the audience and for the local area to keep an eye out for. Next, comes the introduction of today’s guest, Darren Nicholson. Darren talks about who he is, what he has accomplished as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, and the journey to becoming who he is today.


Coming back from the break, Darren talks more about his music career. He tells the story of how his friends and bandmates formed into the band he has now. They started jamming out in his kitchen and how it felt meant to be. They’re releasing music now and a new album is coming out. They’re looking forward to playing more live performances with their passion for music.


Coming back from the break, Darren keeps the conversation going by talking about what he did in his spare time as a child. His Friday and Saturdays nights were often occupied with music and jamming out. Darren also begins to talk about bluegrass music. He mentions how it has a large population of fans in unexpected places, such as Japan. Darren explains how his own performing group had begun to push to grow for a larger audience, playing for festivals and bigger venues.


The final segment starts off with the introduction of Darren Nicholson All-Star Band Camp, an event at a music festival. Darren explains how a lot of people, fans, and local musicians gather out of fascination and curiosity. They want to know more about the music and the artists, regardless of their musical background. Darren gives hints about who to expect to play at the event, including some big bluegrass stars. The episode finishes off with how to follow up with Darren Nicholson on social media, website, and other upcoming events.