Today’s episode starts off with host  Joseph Franklyn McElroy announcing special events and announcements in the Maggie Valley area, including wonderful festivals, eateries, and great gatherings for people to go to. Then the special guest, photographer, and former musician Wayne Ebinger gets introduced. Right away, he gives a short explanation of how he came to the career path he is in today, from high school back in the 1960s to now, he talks about how he engulfed himself into the love he had for the veterinarian career to his career as a professional rock drummer.
Coming back from the break, Wayne talks about how he transitioned into his photography career. He started off with a cheaper kodak camera and started taking photos wherever he could. He first was asked to be a photographer at a wedding, and eventually was asked to photograph weddings, musicals, music festivals, and concerts. He continued his photography business for nearly thirty years before moving to the Smoky Mountains and shifting his business into more intimate and local weddings and events. Wayne explains a personal rule he has when he’s taking photographs, which is to be stealthy. Whether he is at a wedding or out in the wild, he tries to stay as stealthy as possible to avoid disturbing the photograph subjects. He also adds that it’s pretty important to dress accordingly, for him that means a black T-shirt. He talks about the cameras he has used throughout the years, especially during the shift to digital photography, and which lenses he prefers to use for certain situations. He also says that he tries not to edit the photos too much. Wayne talks about his favorite band to photograph and other memorable photographs that he has taken.
This segment starts off with the story of how Wayne ended up at Maggie Valley and why he chose to do so. Joseph asks Wayne for photography location recommendations. Immediately Wayne mentions a field where you can see a beautiful landscape and sunset. He also mentioned Waterrock Knob for wonderful evening photos where you can photograph the stars and see beautiful scenery. He talks about how in the wintertime, the snow is so beautiful that it will always make great photos. He explains how because of the snow, it can be difficult to travel around so often he looks around where he is and finds a quiet place in nature to photograph. He gives tips for how to photograph elks. The biggest one being, to respect them.
For the last segment of this episode, Joseph starts off by asking Wayne for some of his favorite local spots in Maggie Valley. He gives a huge variety of places to go for nightlife, eating out, or just hanging out and dancing. They share stories about their experience at these different hotspots in Maggie Valley till the end of the show.