Today’s episode starts off with host Joseph Franklyn McElroy introducing today’s podcast topic: the botanical excursions in the Smokies. Before continuing further, Joseph gives his shout-outs to sponsors and gives special announcements. Tonight’s guest, Adam Bigelow, is introduced. He explains how even though he was not originally from the area, he chose to live near the Smokies because he fell in love with it. Adam’s passion for botany came accidentally nearly 20 years ago and he found a community that came with this passion.


Adam talks a little more about his passion for botany and how the Smokies is a great place to go further into that passion. He talks about the physical surroundings of the mountains and the role it plays in economy and society. Joseph asks Adam about his past achievements and experience. Adam talks about his time working with Cherokee land and talks about an old botanical garden nearby where he attempted to revitalize the garden while documenting special plants.


Coming back from the break, Adam talks about his hiking tours in the mountains. He talks about the wildlife people often run into on the hike, including beautiful and rare plants. He describes his hike tours as going back in time as you can see wildlife that has been there for hundreds of years. The conversation takes a turn for Adam’s other hobbies and activities. He talks about his acoustic bluegrass rock and roll jam band.


For the last segment of this episode, Adam explains the name of his band. Then he gives what his day-to-day itinerary would look like at the Smoky Mountains. He recommends cafes for people to visit, as well as, beautiful sightseeing places, and great dining choices.