Tonight’s show starts off with special announcements from tonight’s sponsors. Then host Joseph introduces special guest Charles Humphrey III. Charles introduces himself and how he got into, to begin with back in middle school and how it followed him through college and after. He explained how music helped him through a transitional time in his life and how blessed he felt because of it.


Coming back from the break, Joseph brings out a quote from a magazine coverage from Charles and his bluegrass band. Charles explains bluegrass and the significance of this quote. With his band, Charles wants to spread joy to his audience through his music. He talks about the record label that he founded and shares the story of how it was named. Before the break, Charles talks about fly fishing and how he finds it very meditating. He loves doing it with others and connects it to his songwriting, in that he loves collaborating with others as well. He talks about some of his favorite songwriting collaborations.


This segment of tonight’s episode talks about a songwriting Bootcamp that Charles is partnering up with in order to create a community of new and old songwriters to get together and create music. A great opportunity for new writers to meet and learn from more experienced writers and for older writers to collaborate with each other and get fresh new ideas. The conversation goes back to fly fishing, where Charles talks more about his favorite locations to fish. He drops ways to contact Charles and his company in order to find out more about trout ventures and other fly fishing-related questions.


Charles starts the last segment with a small story. He then goes through his go-to places to visit that he recommends to visitors. He gives great taco place recommendations and parks to visit. The podcast ends with Host Joseph announcing more special events and announcements from sponsors.