Starting off this episode, host Joseph McElroy talks about some of his favorite memories in the mountains and shares a poem. He talks about food traditions in the mountains and iconic foods in regions. Some examples include locations to find barbecue, buttermilk pancakes, and corn chowder.


Coming back from the break, Joseph continues his conversation on iconic and staple foods in the Smoky Mountains. He gives tips and reads out unexpected food combinations that people should try out.


Coming back from the break, Joseph looks up more highly recommended restaurants around the Smoky Mountains. Some are steakhouses and one is a blackberry farm called The Barn. He explains how each place is unique and why it is rated so highly. He continues by talking about fishes, specifically rainbow trout, that you can get fresh at Smoky Mountains. He talks about how there’s a lot of new fusion of cultures and foods that are introducing people to new cultures and flavors.


For the final segment of the episode, Joseph talks about upcoming events for the next few weeks and gives shoutouts to many shops and restaurants.