Before introducing today’s guest, Joseph discusses heirloom seeds and plants in his family.Joseph reads a poem about memories tied to seeds. Joseph introduces William Ritter, today’s guest, and William talks a little about his background. William discusses how the mountains feel like home to him. William describes seed saving and how it started.


Joseph talks about his interest in music and asks William about where his interest stemmed from. William discusses how he built and learned to play the fiddle, comparing the traditions of old time music to seed saving. Joseph and William talk about farmers markets in the Smokies where heirloom vegetables can be found.


William discusses types and properties of heirloom vegetables, from candy roasters to beans to tomatoes, etc. As someone who doesn’t cook much, William knows many restaurants that serve dishes with heirloom vegetables. William goes on to describe how to make leather britches out of beans. Joseph and William discuss the wide variety of places where one can find heirloom seeds.


William describes a project he is working on, Song to Seeds. The project is about more than songs and seeds though, working to bring communities together and share traditions.