Introduces today’s topic: the sights & sounds of the wilderness and today’s special guest: Dale Stewart. Stewart explains how he came to learn to love and embrace new cultures and people on his trips across the world and how amazing and unique each location he has visited is. Each place has become a memorable trip and the reason why is more often than not, the hospitality of the people. This conversation leads to Stewart’s Cherokee Trail of Tears trip by kayak, which had sparked a lot of interest from the public.


Coming back from the break, the conversation about the Cherokee and the Trail of Tears continues. There is a story that is different from what is taught in schools during the removal of many native tribes. Cherokees had a bit of a unique experience with their removal and the Trail of Tears that Stewart goes into during this conversation. The conversation shifts to Stewart’s favorite Smoky Mountains trips, where he plans to travel next, and his recommendations for great hiking trails.


Introduces the topic of sounds of the wilderness. Stewart talks about how sound can be used to see in the wild and talks more about soundscaping. With his audio documentaries, he found himself to be able to immerse others into these stories with his audio recordings of where he’s been, as he does with his works with channels, such as the Discovery Channel.


Coming back from the break, Stewart talks about what he looks for when recording audio in the wilderness. Stewart talks about where to find more information on his current and future projects that people can look forward to.